الجمعة، 25 يناير 2013

Will Justin Bieber Re-Record “Baby” For Selena Gomez?

justin bieber writes new song for selena
Justin Bieber’s popular song “Baby” is all about falling in love for the first time and losing that someone – which fits right along with what he’s going through with Selena Gomez at the moment. We’re curious if Justin will try to win Selena back by re-recording a version of the track especially for her, or perhaps he already has!
We know that Justin wrote a new song called “Nothing Like Us” for Selena, and fans will get to hear it in just a few days when his Believe Acoustic album arrives, but we think it would be a super sweet gesture if Justin re-recorded “Baby” for her too!
Do you think Justin will Re-Record “Baby” For Selena Gomez? let us know your thoughts in the comments section!